Fire Fighting, Safety and Security Systems


Ready Engineering Co. offers total solutions in Fire Fighting systems, Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguishing systems, Alarm system and Surveillance Cameras for the protection of entire range of Industries and applications such as:

Refineries, Power Plants, Bottling Plants, Cement Factories , Airports, Institutions, Hotels and Restaurants, Workshops, Schools & Colleges (Educational Institutions) etc.

We specialize in fire hydrant system, sprinkler system, high velocity foam spray system for electrical cabinets /CCR’s, fire alarm systems & alarm system , burglar/Intruder alarm systems, and all security alarm products, all types and capacities of fire extinguishers

Fire fighting system – All types & capacities, having Water or Foam, fire hoses, sprinkler, etc.

Fire Alarm Systems, all types like wire smoke detector , RF ( wireless) smoke detector, gas detector , flame detectors for electrical cabinets and we have a special fire alarm/Fighting system for all types of electrical cabinets and CCR




Surveillance Systems- CCTV (Security camera systems), burglar alarms, video door phones, access control systems with auto dialer, water leakage detectors.. etc



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