Prefab Custome-made Modular Solutions

We always do our best for you!

The Rezhan factory for prefabricated components that the Ready Group group runs in Tanjaroo is one of the most efficient ones of its kind in whole Iraq.

We have been able to considerably increase our capacity and operating range in the last two years. When it comes to fulfilling our customer requirements, we simply always do our best. The following prefabricated units can be produced in our factory:

  • Buildings for industrial, commercial and agricultural purposes
  • Offices
  • Accommodations units
  • Dormitory
  • Social Complex units
  • Site Camps
  • School, Conference and Teaching units
  • Restaurants, Dining hall & kitchens
  • Emergency establishments
  • WC & Shower unit


Benefits of Prefabrication

When implemented effectively, prefabrication is a benefit to a project’s cost, quality, safety and schedule. Prefabrication also enhances end-user satisfaction and sustainability.


  • Improves cost control by eliminating variables, like inclement weather
  • Waste is minimized at the jobsite, reducing costs for General Conditions (dumpsters and cleanup)
  • It removes the variation in on-site manpower, effectively reducing items such as portable toilets and subcontractor parking areas


  • Prefabricated components can be built earlier than they would be in traditional building methods – e.g. above-ceiling mechanical racks can be built before the floors are complete


  • When components are built off-site, waste is reduced, which keeps corridors and egress passes clean, leading to a safer workspace
  • When above-ceiling components are prefabricated, contractors are working in ergonomically-comfortable positions (not on ladders), reducing the risk of falls


  • All items are constructed in a controlled environment, which means they are free from exposure to weather
  • Materials are typically tested in the warehouse (off-site), and then re-tested once they are installed, ensuring every piece and part fits perfectly
  • Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) further enhances quality and reliability by removing potential material clashes before they occur

Maintenance & Operations

  • Maintenance staff can attend preconstruction meetings to help ensure the design and construction of prefabricated elements are done with maintenance considerations in mind


  • Waste is significantly reduced at both the shop and project locations because materials are ordered in specific lengths




Important Notes :

It’s worth to mention that the below services were included in all our implemented projects as per the customer demands, such as:

  • Rest room accessories (shower, boiler, bibcock with different uses , ….)
  • Kitchen room accessories (cooker different shapes, Fridge , Freezer…….ect)
  • AC system
  • Security system , CCTV camera, fire alarm system , security alarm
  • Fire fighting system
  • Etc.