Quality & HSE

HSE Management Structure

The management is accountable for establishing the company’s policy on health, safety, and the environment and for providing resources and developing the organization to put those policies into effect.

The positions listed in the organizational chart are the key to an effective HSE Management System and are given the goal of supporting and improving the processes on a continual basis.

Roles and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each employee of Ready Engineering  to follow and enforce the policies, procedures, and standard work practices adopted by Ready Engineering.

Specific HSE roles and responsibilities are in place for each position within Ready Group.


HSE Strategic Implementation Plan


The Division Operations Manager will implement the HSE Strategic Plan. The HSE & QA\QC Service Group shall provide implementation support to the Divisions.


The Division Operations Manager shall ensure that all HSE programs are audited monthly.



The Division Operations Manager is accountable for local compliance to the Ready Group’s HSE Management System.

The Division QA/HSE Manager will give assistance as required to the Division Operations manager to ensure the following activities are conducted in a timely manner:

  • Ensure internal HSE audits are conducted
  • Ensure audits of the Permit to Work System are performed
  • Ensure HSE audits are performed on safety critical contractors
  • Ensure contractor equipment is inspected upon arrival on location
  • Ensure contractor equipment is certified as required
  • Ensure contractor personnel have required training
  • Ensure contractor personnel have required certifications
  • Ensure audits of the waste management system are conducted
  • Ensure training is given on the waste management plan
  • Ensure annual HSE training requirements are met
  • Ensure emergency response drills are conducted
  • Ensure a risk analysis is done on new tasks prior to the work beginning
  • Ensure personal protective equipment (PPE) assessments for all new tasks are conducted
  • Ensure industrial hygiene assessments are conducted
  • Ensure audits of training records are conducted
  • Ensure audits of their operating rigs and facilities are conducted
  • Ensure audits of catering operations are conducted
  • Integrate new quality and HSE requirements into existing programs
  • Integrate HSE review and approval system into all planned work.
  • Integrate and evaluate HSE suggestions submitted by workers or committees



HSE Communications

Communication to Management

Due to the logistics of Ready Engineering  operations, scheduled conference calls may be held for each operations group. The intent is to allow field supervisory personnel an opportunity to discuss HSE concerns with management. Corporate operation’s management then has the responsibility to address those concerns.


Communication to Employees

Effective two-way communication on HSE issues is essential to improving HSE performance.

Communicating critical procedures and instructions to operation’s personnel and receiving current status reports from operation’s personnel are vital to an effective HSE program.

Open communication allows for suggestions from field personnel that will impact the continuous improvement process. Personnel are encouraged to provide input at HSE meetings.

Forms of HSE communication with employees include:

  • Daily contact with operations managers
  • Daily/weekly contact with area QA/HSE staff
  • HSE procedure updates
  • Injury investigations
  • Injury/near miss information
  • Pre-tour and pre-job safety meeting
  • Monthly statistical updates
  • Special safety bulletins
  • Behavior Observation Reports (STOP)
  • Weekly safety meetings
  • Safety communications published in native languages

Proper communication regarding the occurrence of incidents or the potential for incidents is vital to preventing future injuries. Personnel are strongly encouraged to report all incidents to supervisory personnel and stop any task they consider to be unsafe.