Our Approach

Experience Where it Matters

With a dedicated management team and active in-field personnel Ready Group across all aspects of the life-cycle of the project. Our goal is to provide expertise, in conjunction with our services to customers looking for value and experience from their partners.


Maximum cost-effectiveness is a key factor of all our business actions. The efficient employment of labor, the continuous optimization of our productivity and the economical use of working materials will lastingly guarantee our company’s success in the future and our costumers the best prize.

Results Driven

Our goal is to always understand our costumer’s expectations, needs and concerns. Once we have a in-depth understanding of these areas, our staff of project managers, engineers, on-site supervisors and equipment/material specialists have training and field experience to meet and exceed these expectations. We understand the fact that our success is dependent upon the success of our partners.

Modern Material & Equipment

Ready Group has prided itself on acquiring current, technologically advanced equipment and material in the Kurdistan region. This equipment and material, coupled with our experienced staff, will enable us to execute your project efficiently.

Engineering and Maintaining Support

A full-time staff of experienced engineers help a project live up to its potential. Our engineers add a layer operational expertise to compliment your domestic and regional experience to ensure value when choosing us as your partner. On demand we take also care of the project for any repairs and maintenance.