Ready Group establishes and maintains procedures to ensure competency through identification of training needs and provisions for appropriate training of all personnel. Information and awareness gained through adequate HSE training is essential to improved performance. The objectives of this training are:

  • To help new personnel reach an acceptable level of job competency as safely and quickly as possible
  • To help improve employees’ performance in their existing jobs
  • To allow personnel to develop their capabilities to meet future job needs
  • To help Ready Group respond to changes in the business environment


Drills and Exercises

Ready Engineering  has established emergency procedures that involve training and drills/exercises. These drills relate to al kind of Engineering  works, fires,  chemical spills response, catastrophic events and medical emergencies. All personnel will be made familiar with the contingency plans and procedures during training. Drills are conducted to assure that all personnel respond appropriately to an emergency situation.

Key performance indicators are used to determine effectiveness of drills. These key performance indicators include speed of response and effectiveness of each person’s action at his or her assigned workstation.

Supervisory personnel review performance of participants during drills to determine if there are specific procedures that may need updating.slide19