Our Approach

Experience Where it Matters

With a dedicated management team and active in-field personnel Ready Group across all aspects of the life-cycle of the project. Our goal is to provide expertise, in conjunction with our services to customers looking for value and experience from their partners.


Maximum cost-effectiveness is a key factor of all our business actions. The efficient employment of labor, the continuous optimization of our productivity and the economical use of working materials will lastingly guarantee our company’s success in the future and our costumers the best prize.


Results Driven

Our goal is to always understand our costumer’s expectations, needs and concerns. Once we have a in-depth understanding of these areas, our staff of project managers, engineers, on-site supervisors and equipment/material specialists have training and field experience to meet and exceed these expectations. We understand the fact that our success is dependent upon the success of our partners.


Modern Material & Equipment

Ready Group has prided itself on acquiring current, technologically advanced equipment and material in the Kurdistan region. This equipment and material, coupled with our experienced staff, will enable us to execute your project efficiently.


Engineering and Maintaining Support

A full-time staff of experienced engineers help a project live up to its potential. Our engineers add a layer operational expertise to compliment your domestic and regional experience to ensure value when choosing us as your partner. On demand we take also care of the project for any repairs and maintenance.




Our Organization, HSE & Quality Management

Company Structure





Our Infrastructure

The  main office is located in Baghdad and our main workshop is located at Tanjaro- industrial area in Sulaymaniyah and our Basra office will be opened soon.





Organization, Responsibilities, Resources & Standards

HSE Management Structure

The management is accountable for establishing the company’s policy on health, safety, and the environment and for providing resources and developing the organization to put those policies into effect.

The positions listed in the organizational chart are the key to an effective HSE Management System and are given the goal of supporting and improving the processes on a continual basis.

Roles and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of each employee of Ready Engineering  to follow and enforce the policies, procedures, and standard work practices adopted by Ready Engineering.

Specific HSE roles and responsibilities are in place for each position within Ready Group.





HSE Strategic Implementation Plan


The Division Operations Manager will implement the HSE Strategic Plan. The HSE & QA\QC Service Group shall provide implementation support to the Divisions.


The Division Operations Manager shall ensure that all HSE programs are audited monthly.





The Division Operations Manager is accountable for local compliance to the Ready Group’s HSE Management System.

The Division QA/HSE Manager will give assistance as required to the Division Operations manager to ensure the following activities are conducted in a timely manner:

  • Ensure internal HSE audits are conducted
  • Ensure audits of the Permit to Work System are performed
  • Ensure HSE audits are performed on safety critical contractors
  • Ensure contractor equipment is inspected upon arrival on location
  • Ensure contractor equipment is certified as required
  • Ensure contractor personnel have required training
  • Ensure contractor personnel have required certifications
  • Ensure audits of the waste management system are conducted
  • Ensure training is given on the waste management plan
  • Ensure annual HSE training requirements are met
  • Ensure emergency response drills are conducted
  • Ensure a risk analysis is done on new tasks prior to the work beginning
  • Ensure personal protective equipment (PPE) assessments for all new tasks are conducted
  • Ensure industrial hygiene assessments are conducted
  • Ensure audits of training records are conducted
  • Ensure audits of their operating rigs and facilities are conducted
  • Ensure audits of catering operations are conducted
  • Integrate new quality and HSE requirements into existing programs
  • Integrate HSE review and approval system into all planned work.
  • Integrate and evaluate HSE suggestions submitted by workers or committees





Drills and Exercises

Ready Engineering  has established emergency procedures that involve training and drills/exercises. These drills relate to al kind of Engineering  works, fires,  chemical spills response, catastrophic events and medical emergencies. All personnel will be made familiar with the contingency plans and procedures during training. Drills are conducted to assure that all personnel respond appropriately to an emergency situation.

Key performance indicators are used to determine effectiveness of drills. These key performance indicators include speed of response and effectiveness of each person’s action at his or her assigned workstation.

Supervisory personnel review performance of participants during drills to determine if there are specific procedures that may need updating.






HSE Communications

HSE Communications

Communication to Management

Due to the logistics of Ready Engineering  operations, scheduled conference calls may be held for each operations group. The intent is to allow field supervisory personnel an opportunity to discuss HSE concerns with management. Corporate operation’s management then has the responsibility to address those concerns.


Communication to Employees

Effective two-way communication on HSE issues is essential to improving HSE performance.

Communicating critical procedures and instructions to operation’s personnel and receiving current status reports from operation’s personnel are vital to an effective HSE program.

Open communication allows for suggestions from field personnel that will impact the continuous improvement process. Personnel are encouraged to provide input at HSE meetings.

Forms of HSE communication with employees include:

  • Daily contact with operations managers
  • Daily/weekly contact with area QA/HSE staff
  • HSE procedure updates
  • Injury investigations
  • Injury/near miss information
  • Pre-tour and pre-job safety meeting
  • Monthly statistical updates
  • Special safety bulletins
  • Behavior Observation Reports (STOP)
  • Weekly safety meetings
  • Safety communications published in native languages

Proper communication regarding the occurrence of incidents or the potential for incidents is vital to preventing future injuries. Personnel are strongly encouraged to report all incidents to supervisory personnel and stop any task they consider to be unsafe.



Business Ethics

Our customers – many of which have done business with our company for decades – will testify to our business ethics and integrity. The Ready Group Code of Ethics and Conflicts of Interest Regulations define our ethical principles and the standards that govern the business relations between employees, contractors, consultants and suppliers.

The socially important aspects of Ready Group are managed on the basis of the Code of Business Policies, which regulates the company’s activities in occupational health and safety, environmental protection, control and finance, and relations with employees.

Ready Group encourages and supports all programs which promote safety, good health and well- being. This policy endorses efforts which ensure the quality of health and safety while participating in Ready Group work related activities. In support of this context, Ready Group will conduct its activities so as to ensure:

–Health and safety of all its employees, wherever they may be working.

–Safe operation and maintenance of all plant and equipment.

–Prevention of personal injury and property damage to third parties, arising company’s operations.

We will ensure that Ready Group Senior management provides the following elements needed to work in an incident and injury free environment and a safe and healthy manner:

  • Leadership
  • Organization and resources
  • Safe workplace
  • Tools and equipment
  • Management system and procedure
  • Training

Similarly, each one of us is personally accountable for our own health and safety as well as the health and safety of our colleagues and those affected by our decision and our actions. Ready Group expects all employees and contractors regardless whether they are managers, supervisors or members of the workforce to make every effort to participate in, and contribute to the founding and adherence of safe working practices and procedures with the ultimate goal being an incident and injury free workplace. Before commencing any activity, and though out the duration of any activity, each one of us must

commit to:

  • Taking personal responsibility for the health and safety of ourselves and our colleagues at all times.
  • Leading by example to motivate those we work with to behave in a way that eliminates the potential for incidents now and in the future.
  • Identify, assess and control workplace hazards.
  • Understanding and complying with management systems, policies and procedures.
  • Operating and maintaining hardware and equipment in a safe condition.
  • Stopping the job or, intervening by requesting our supervisor to stop the job, if we witness unsafe acts or conditions and believe we may be at risk or harm.

In closing, it is Ready Group firm belief that an incident free workplace is possible, every day, 365 days a year in all our activities.